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AU Harry Potter Universe, The First war was never ended and still continuing as Voldemort never paid the Potter family a visit that fateful night.
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 Fate Rolls

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PostSubject: Fate Rolls   Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:23 pm

I am going to try this DnD style fate dice rolls for threads such as dueling/battles,  Quidditch, Hogwarts Classes, Auror missions ect... Of course not everything is decided on fate rolls if you do not wish it to be. This is a option just to make thing more fun and add a bit of unpredictability to the magical life.



Dueling sample

James Potter wrote:
James cast a "Stupify" at his opponent and a quick protago charm right after to counter any curses coming his way.


-Fate Score is Rolled out of 100 plus the bonus skill points added to dueling. In this case James has a dueling bonus of 20 so 20 points are added to his base score of 61 to reach 81, which is fairly good. But lets see how his opponent does.

Lucius Malfoy wrote:
Lucius tried to dodge the stupify and fired " Petrificus Totalus" back at James followed by a "Calvorio" a hair loss curse.. because really what was with Potters unruly hair?


So in the end James just got the higher score of 81 to Lucius's 73 this is roughly how the out come would go.

Fate wrote:
Lucius just manages to dodge James's stunning curse, however both his spells are blocked by James protection charm leaving no effect and Lucious is opened to his opponents next attack.

This is just a sample on how a fight or duel will work, again this is optional if you would rather plot it out instead you can totally do that.


Class Sample (For students Only)

A few classes such as Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, and Defence Against the Dark Arts can be dice rolled threads meaning the outcome of how well you do in class will be decided by fate. Of course that depends on what you choose to do in that class. Classes will be influenced by students Intelligence score.

Potions class Example

Susan wrote:
Susan carefully looked on the board for instructions on how to make her cure for boils potion and went about gathering the appropriate ingredients and followed what the board said to do with them.


Since this isn't a duel there isn't a counter against a student unless another student decides to cheat, a die would have to be rolled to determine if they succeed and/or if they get caught. The Professor of the class can react to the goings on in the class and award or deduct points and deal with any shenanigans they may get into, Professors needn't use fate rolls since this is their class.


Quidditch Sample

I know what you are thinking Quidditch games in RPs and with dice rolls are always really complicated but it doesn't have to be.. I had a thought the other day. Simply total up the fate scores of each player on each team, team with the higher score wins.. Nice and simple, of course if the RPers wishing to RP the game out are welcome to do so as well if not the results of the match will be posted and students everywhere will be freed to react to the outcome.

A characters flying skill will be added to the character base roll for bonus points!


Gryffindor Team
Seeker: Harry Potter = Roll(1d100)+20:62,+20 Total:82
Keeper: Oliver Wood = Roll(1d100)+25:43,+25 Total:68
Chaser: Angelina Johnson = Roll(1d100)+25:14,+25 Total:39
Chaser: Katie Bell = Roll(1d100)+15:37,+15 Total:52
Chaser: Alicia Spinnet = Roll(1d100)+20: 90,+20 Total:110
Beater: George Weasley = Roll(1d100)+30: 69,+30 Total:99
Beater: Fred Weasley = Roll(1d100)+30:99,+30 Total:129

Equals a team score of 579

Slytherin Team

Seeker: Draco Malfoy = Roll(1d100)+15: 9,+15 Total:24
Keeper: Kevin Bletchley = Roll(1d100)+20: 24,+20 Total:44
Chaser: Marcus Flint = Roll(1d100)+25: 73,+25 Total:98
Chaser: Graham Montague = Roll(1d100)+30:68,+30 Total:98
Chaser: Adrian Pucey = Roll(1d100)+30:52,+30 Total:82
Beater: Lucian Bole = Roll(1d100)+20:68,+20 Total:88
Beater: Peregrine Derrick = Roll(1d100)+25: 54,+25 Total:79

Equals a team score of 513

So Gryffindor wins this match at what cost? We can do more then simply add the total together to determine winners we can compare player scores as well to determine the detail of the match in actual RP Between Harry and Draco, Harry is the clear winner and like managed to catch the snitch with out much trouble from Draco, in fact thanks to Dracos low score he is likely in the hospital wing.

The Chasers however Slytherin dominated the field and consistently stole the quaffle form Gryffindors Chasers and were not nice about it either.Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell are likely sore from the rough match, But Oliver was decent at defecting their plays for his hoops. While the Slytherin Keeper, Kevin Bletchley was not so lucky and from the rare chances Alicia Spinnet had the Quaffle she scored on him.

The Slytherin Beaters were good but the Weasley Twins are better and they were hellion with the bludger causing mayhem for the Slytherin Team however they could.

So that is roughly how a Quidditch match would go with fate rolls if you have any questions please PM me to let me know.

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Fate Rolls
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