The Wizarding World~Reborn

AU Harry Potter Universe, The First war was never ended and still continuing as Voldemort never paid the Potter family a visit that fateful night.
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 Story Events

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PostSubject: Story Events   Sat Feb 04, 2017 5:37 pm

Story Events are site plot wide event that the staff will post to move our story forward. For example;

Fate wrote:
Date: August 25 1981

It was normal Saturday morning in Diagon Ally at first, families were out shopping either for school supplies or for their own amusement. One could almost forget there was a danger out there as all seem peaceful. Then a deafening powerful explosion could be heard, one of the buildings had exploded and the causes were in the street. A handful of Dark hooded figures were on the street and the attacked the unlucky souls that had the misfortune of being in there sight at the time.

A normal Story event post maybe longer then this but a lot can be taken from what is written here alone. Perhaps your are one of the Deatheaters attacking the Ally, what is your point of view and where would that story go after the attack on the Ally? Maybe you were one of the victims attacked perhaps you were a hero and saved someone that curse may have been meant for. Maybe your house was the one that the Deatheaters destroyed, were inside it when it happened or outside and watched to destruction in horror..

And so on and so on.. Story events are meant to give a base for characters to start at and make a change in there lives. If you have an idea for a site story event PM it to any of the Admin team, if we like it it may be the next Event to happen in the story.
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Story Events
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